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Head-on two truck crash skins open side of semi trailer! WoW!!

A trucker’s dash cam captured terrifying footage of a violent head-on collision that happened on the road right in front of him.

The video was shared by YouTube user United Truckers on May 5.

The video caption reads, “Truck driver was driving in right lane as soon other truck pass him in left another truck from other side of freeway came in and had head on collision.” The YouTube user did not provide any information on where the footage was captured.

In the video, you can see that a semi truck in the left lane is passing the dash cammer in the right lane. Suddenly, a truck traveling in the wrong direction suddenly appears in the right lane, causing a major collision that takes the side wall off of one of the truck’s trailers. The dash cammer was luckily able to stop in time to avoid becoming part of the crash.

Following the crash, you can see a man on foot who is presumably the truck driver or a truck passenger. The man does not appear to be seriously injured.

You can view the dash cam clip below.

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