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Motorist jailed after 104 mph overtake on a bend ends in crash

A motorist has been jailed after overtaking a car at speeds of ‘up to 104 mph’ and ending up crashing in a field.

We’re pretty certain that the Highway Code mentions something about overtaking on a bend being a really stupid idea.

According to Spalding Today:

Dash cam footage of a Cowbit motorist man jailed for dangerous driving after reaching speeds of up to 100mph has been released by police.

Graham York (44), of Backgate, was sentenced following an incident where he lost control of his Hyundai Tucson and crashed in a field, off the B1167 French Drove in Thorney.


The footage, lasting nearly 20 seconds, showed York overtaking a Volkswagen Golf shortly before a left hand bend at a speed of up to 104mph, according to Cambridgshire Constabulary.

York was jailed for 12 weeks and disqualified from driving for four years after a hearing at Peterborough Crown Court yesterday (Thursday).

Following the case, lead investigator Detective Constable Tom Nuttall said: “York’s driving was dangerous and the consequences could have been a lot worse.

“He is clearly not safe to be behind the wheel of a car and I hope this sentence will protect the public in future.”

Perhaps the most shocking thing about this story was that it wasn’t an Audi …

Watch the footage below:

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