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Video: Driver Falls Asleep And Hits Truck

A 20-year-old man fell asleep at the wheel while driving on Highway 17 in Canada and hit a truck.

A couple who were driving behind the 20-year-old captured the incident on dash camera.  They saw the 20-year-old driver swerving in and out of his lane. They then watched in horror as the man’s pickup crossed the center line and hit a truck.


The couple posted their dash cam footage to Facebook

“We were about 1 km passed the Fairbanks turnoff when I made a comment about him getting into an accident, when he suddenly hit a transport truck, missed a car and ended up in the ditch,” Bryan Martin said in a Facebook post.

“Hats off to the transport driver who acted quickly. It was a miracle that the lady in the vehicle behind the truck was not hit.”

The 20-year-old pickup truck driver sustained minor injuries.  

Source: Northern Life

Video Credit: Bryan Martin.

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